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Hello Bike Riders. We had a great turn out & meeting a couple weeks ago in 'The White Hart' in Cheddar. The club has a healthy number of paid up members and a healthy bank balance. We discussed diverse issues - club kit orders, racing licenses & training abroad trips. Hot topic - creating a secondary ride on a Sunday. Leaving Cheddar Cycle Store at the same time of 8.30 am but a shorter route, slower pace with a coffee stop. Robert M is going to get this one off the ground. The Western League Cyclocross gets off the ground on the 22nd Sept. It's now time to charge up your lights, fit mudguards, dig out the arm/leg warmers for an autumn routine with Cheddar CC. Mon night, Wed lunchtime, Fri night & Sunday mornings.


Here are a couple of questions we’re often asked by non club riders...


How fast do you ride as a group training?

If you can ride solo between 17-19mph steadily you’ll have no problem, or join us for a short time and see how you get on. It’s easier with several other riders and you’ll be surprised how the miles disappear in good company.

Will I get dropped?

There is always someone who’ll keep an eye out, we ride with good etiquette and look out for each other.

Where do you meet?

Most rides start from the Cheddar Cycle Store, but we often pick up/drop off riders on route, including The Watchfield Inn, nr. Highbridge - so you can join us for a short time if you want to try it out or peal off when you get near home!

What if I puncture?

We’d expect you to carry a spare inner tube, pump or canister. Don’t worry - we stop as a group, sort the problem and be on our way again as soon as we can.


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